This was a parental abduction. There should have been a single alert, with both languages, properly zoned for the incident. Maybe some with a apple phone could comment. If you are a pilot, you must be familiar with the FAA and their regulations, yes? But after 12 hours, maybe they would be. Yeah, this was stupid. I too will be taking screen shots of these posts and filing a complaint with the CRTC should Telus decide to delete them. The problem here is that police departments are sending the alert over the priorty bands. On the fora I frequent, more are asking how to be included than excepted - thus the need for folks like you to contact the CRTC or your MP directly. Apple? These include federal, provincial, and territorial governments. I work midnights. You don't need to root your device to remove it. Yep, and every single Amber Alert is gonna be ignored if we get a handful of nuclear war alerts for each one of them. But still. Would that be annoying to you? They cannot be opted out of, and it's the CRTC that has required the alerts. The CRTC controls how this operates. What am I supposed to do? I almost exclusively get Houston amber alerts, I've heard it has to do with how much imminent danger the child is in. So there's hope we'll get change as they prove their system faultier and faultier. Cell service is not even comparable to a restaurant. I got one of these last night. I've gotten two in the last half hour, and they're for nowhere near where I am now. There was no foul language, obscenities, or offensive comments made in the posts that were deleted. They found him in Reading later that night. Hence there was no reason to delete them. The low priority bands, we have the option to opt out of. Do you complain to your employer over decisions made by the FAA? Only in the US is Apple allowing users the option to disable two specific alerts allowed by the FCC. I have no recourse to assisting in an Amber Alert while I am sleeping, so I deserve the right to my sleep and privacy with my device being on silent. @mhinc-- I just read an article this morning about the mess of this Amber Alert, and how people were furious and inundated cops and 911 with angry calls because they got not one or two, but four alerts in both languages. LAZY. The telecoms didn’t come up with the idea, in fact, they resisted it. Not on my iPhone  running iOS 11. @mhinc-- Hopefully you get an override update sooner than later. Tens of thousands of direct complaints by consumers to the CRTC on the other hand will be harder for them to ignore. It would still make sense to Amber the entire area, I'm thinking this is some kind of problem with the system. Alert alarms override Do Not Disturb, but do not override silent mode. Unfortunately I don't use the Stock S8 Messaging App. The CRTC forces the carriers to display the alerts, period. Geolocation put my 16 hours away from Thunderbay, yet I was still alerted. Media companies, including television, radio stations, cable and satellite distributors, and wireless service providers receive these emergency alerts and relay them to their customers. Why do we not have the right to control the volume on Amber Alerts? Some very valid points were made. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I get so few calls that I'm just going to put my phone on do not disturb permanently so as to never have to deal with this shit. We volunteer to share knowledge about Telus products and services which we have gained by experience or surmise. One of the reasons could be that by the time they realize that an Amber Alert is needed for a child, the child could be taken far from home. I was driving at the time, picking some stuff up for my boss. I have no recourse to assisting in an Amber Alert while I am sleeping, so I deserve the right to my sleep and privacy with my device being on silent. All of mine were on by default, including Amber Alerts. It's bad enough you support Bell and their dangerous website-blocking plans, but now you are treating your forum like a dictatorship. But NOT when we are sleeping and 16 hours away, or 1000KM like @ThirstyTurtle. Is this really what its gonna be like from now on? Even though I had it on vibrate. Neighbours with the most likes in the past month. The American carriers only give you the option to opt out in the USA. ADB commands do not require root. The first 2 woke me up. Ipaws tech is usually pretty good though band has very high delivery rates but OP could have very easily just have been one of the fails. Admittedly, Ontario is a huge place though. I had a similar post to yours, that was deleted. Amber alerts should be reserved for when a kid is grabbed by a stranger. There are better options for a fleeing parent with child in that region. The American carriers also are very strict with international roaming to Canada, and unless you spend a large majority of the time in the USA, they will cut you off. I actually know a lot about the subject so please feel free to ask any more questions. They're might only sent over LTE. This particular alert could have been managed better. An amber alert is considered a “civil” emergency. She'd be driving through dallas right now.". I thought the Emergency Broadcast thingy is only supposed to be for life and death situations that might be directly impacting me? You should only need to do this once, or at least after an upgrade or restore. And apparently there is no option to disable within Textra currently. Settings -> Apps & Notifications -> Advanced -> Emergency Alerts. The program was simply called the Wireless Amber Alert program, and you'd have to not only sign up online but also specify which locations you wanted to get alerts … Please contact your telecom service provider to discuss your settings. This shit should be reserved for the immediate area or not be broadcasted to the entire province. Would you find it annoying if I was your pilot on your next flight and made a critical mistake because I didn't get a proper sleep after being awoken by a blaring loud amber alert? Not quite sure, but not everybody will get them. You can spend time doing that, but since this forum does not fall under the CRTC mandate, I doubt your complaint would go very far. However, this can differ depending on your wireless device and in some instances the alert sound may override your user settings. Couldn't have said it better myself! his Neighbourhood is inhabited by customers, just like you? Apparently, this is a sore spot? I recall, this thread, was there another? It's pretty sad that when a valid point is brought up. I'm all for finding kids, but it can be ridiculous especially because it's usually family members who take their kids during custody disputes. So ridiculous, blasting my phone with insanely loud alarm 3 times in 2 hours.

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