She is pretty much the only saving grace in this film. I can't believe anyone financed this garbage. The dude BIG PUSSY from The Sopranos was OK as a doo doo salesman. Farrah Fawcett is in the film for some reason and she does a decent job. Todd Anderson (Quran Pender) has just signed a 5-year/$30 million contract with his hometown basketball team the New Jersey Nets, he purchases many new luxuries for himself and his family including a new house in a well established, high class neighborhood called Garden Ridges Estates for him and his gold digging girlfriend Brittany (Meagan Good). Because you know, some of them contrast, the manual said that would be funny. The Cookout wasn't even the main focal point. It was nothing but another overly stereotypical, run-of-the-mill "negro" movie with ridiculously bad acting, even from Academy and Oscar Award-winning actors and/or actresses. He plans to get many pairs of sneakers signed by the upcoming star to sell on eBay and become rich. But she does phony acting. Makes African Americans look bad if not by the title alone. Huge WASTE of time & just earned the unethical big-name actors a big payday for a WORTHLESS PIECE OF GARBAGE film. This was the last film for both Carl Wright and Farrah Fawcett before their respective deaths in 2007 and 2009. He gets a shock by the endorsement interviewer. #1 NBA draft pick Todd Anderson's star is on the ascendant after signing to his home team, the New Jersey Nets. The Cookout is a 2004 American comedy film, directed by Lance Rivera, written by Queen Latifah and Shakim Compere. his girlfriend was only in it for the money like most females are but his best friend was there before it all started and she loved him for just him. To be honest I was disappointed. I fancy myself a conesiuer of urban comedies. There is an unfunny Queen Latifah and an unfunny Danny Glover in this movie. | The Cookout fails to be like Barbershop though. I thought this movie would fit into this category. Cook Out cares about the quality of both its food and service. It had everything you'd expect from a comedic genre that makes getting out of bed in the morning all the easier. External Reviews Even with the short runtime it drags a lot and most of the film is pretty unrealistic. And I had the displeasure of being down the street at my friend's house when they were filming the streetball scene in Jersey City, New Jersey. FAQ This movie was NOTHING like Friday. nice to see Eve finally play a sweet character. Recently, a black couple in Oakland, Calif., merely wanted to enjoy their time in the park, and I’m presuming the overpowering smell of Lawry’s disturbed Susan to the point where she had to call the local authorities. One by one, members of Todd's eccentric family like Willie and Nelson (Jerod Mixon and Jamal Mixon), country cousins Jemar and Jasper (Shawn Andrew and Godfrey), wannabe lawyer Uncle Leroy (Tim Meadows), Todd's grandpa (Carl Wright), cousin Little Dee (Denee Busby) and her kids, and Em's sister Nettie (Rita Owens) alongside her husband Frank (Reg E. Cathey) and son Jamal (Kevin Phillps) begin to arrive before expected disrupting his business interview. I was disgusted with the way they looked and acted. It's your basic young man who comes into money too soon and starts spending it (cause of an obnoxious climber of a girlfriend), much to the dismay of his mother. Despite the title, the plot itself is not about a cookout at all with the cookout occurring earlier in the film. Still, it is enjoyable. Finally, I have followed the career of one of Hollywood's brightest stars Danny Glover. My name is Rebecca I am consultant Pampered Chef. If you are looking to not laugh, be insulted and fall asleep go rent this crap fest of a film. When Bling Bling and Wheezer invade the cookout so they can get Todd's autograph, the ensuing chaos makes Todd realize how much he needs his family. Everyone that's at the cookout is a stereotype. Marc Plastrik as the Chief of Police, the unnamed police chief who compliments Mildred's heroic actions. A truly gifted actor portraying a truly inspired role. you can tell he paid attention to his own agent to pick up the ins and outs. It's loaded with stereotypes and predictable humor. Stupid. Roxy Noffz as Cookie Girl, a girl scout who is denied entry by the security guard who does buy the cookies from her. mainly, this movie is comic able but fails to make anyone want to see if there is a part 2 or not. (uncredited), department head hair stylist (as Brian B. Badie), key makeup artist (as Nzingha Isis Gumbs), second assistant director / second unit director, art department assistant / storyboard artist, acting coach: Storm P (as Rhonda McLean Nur), senior vice president of business affairs, senior vice president of production: Lions Gate Films, completion bond company representative (uncredited). This film should have been called The Family. But instead I settled for launching into conversation with my nearest neighbor. The pot smoking scene with them and Mertaw from LETHAL WEAPON was horrendous. This movie was a disgrace. Occasionally the movie also takes a break from being painfully unfunny and becomes painfully moralising. A postscript states that Todd scored 26 points in his debut in New Jersey as he and Becky use the car bed he originally slept in. Fat greedy guys who like to eat. The film introduces Quran Pender (credited as "Storm P") as Todd Anderson and starring Ja Rule, Tim Meadows, Jenifer Lewis, Meagan Good, Jonathan Silverman, Farrah Fawcett, Frankie Faison, Eve, Danny Glover, and a special appearance by Latifah. It has been suggested that this section be,,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. A mama with a whole bunch of children who are looking for a baby daddy. A guy spending all his money after he gets drafted by the NBA. The film opened on 1,303 screens, and opened at #8 in the box office with a gross of $5,000,900. You have never see Danny play a role like this before! Whilst on his way to Todd's new house, he crashes his car due to his clumsy friend Wheezer (Ruperto Vanderpool), tries to ride in the truck of a poo salesman (Vincent Pastore), and then tries to steal a new Mercedes from a parking garage without realizing the car belongs to Todd's girlfriend Brittany. (as Otis K. Best III), Basketball Spectator The runtime is only 97 minutes long. In NO WAY comical. That old man with a stick was kind of goofy. The Cookout is a pretty lame comedy that really delivers nothing new. "The Cookout" might not be the best movie you can see, or the most sensitive to black people. The script is very weak and needed a lot of work. The plot is, a basketball player (Storm P) wants to have the annual family cookout in his new house surrounded by "WHITE PEOPLE" who believe he is a "GANG BANGER". Company Credits It's silly, it's obnoxious, it's predictable, it's mindless and I loved every frame! I love black comedy like the Friday movies. I once read that if you want to watch a movie and just to be entertained, then take your brain out and relax. Awards But, the message was nearly drowned in the cheesy delivery. This movie was stupid and a waste of my money. Marci Reed as Miss Peters, the representative of a wireless phone company. As a result, this ethnic comedy comes off somewhat spoofish because of the mugging and overacting (which obviously was on purpose). Shawn Andrew as Jemar, the country cousin of Todd. It was racist towards more than just black people. Whoever wrote this movie should be ashamed, this is by far the stupidest movie I've ever seen. Denee Busby as Little Dee, the cousin of Todd who is looking for a father figure for her kids. I had very high hopes for The Cookout. Rita Owens as Nettie Washington, the aunt of Todd and sister of Lady Em. Why didn't they just pull out some whips and start picking cotton? Because she is always yapping her mouth like she does in every movie shes in. | He does not plan for it to clash with an important business meeting for an endorsement deal which his agent Wes (Jonathan Silverman) arranges. Those grotesque fat twins were annoying. Ja Rule does a terrible job and he pretty much kills the film. Tim Meadows and Danny Glover are also pretty good but they can't save this film. Generally I always try to look for the best in everything, but this is just one of those movies that have absolutely no redeeming qualities. Jamal completed med school and broke up with Brittany three times. This movie also did not flow well. usually, black films are quite funny. According to the cookout snitch, charcoal grills weren’t allowed in the section of the park where the family was. And those two fat boys play the same characters in every thing they are in! All of the white characters were unbelievable, the father was a disgrace, and the entire movie was just pitiful. Todd Anderson (Quran Pender) has just signed a 5-year/$30 million contract with his hometown basketball team the New Jersey Nets, he purchases many new luxuries for himself and his family including a new house in a well established, high class neighborhood called Garden Ridges Estates for him and his gold digging girlfriend Brittany (Meagan Good). As Em keeps Brittany busy, the neighbors Judge Crowley (Danny Glover) and his wife (Farrah Fawcett) are drawn to the cookout. i saw it the first night, for queen's first movie (that she produced) it was OK but i know her talent from previous movies and it could have been better. I feel bad that money went towards this movie and not something else worth while. If you were not 100% satisfied with your recent experience, please call 1-866-547-0011 to speak with one of our customer service representatives. Tim Meadows was the highlight of the movie and his lines totaled approximately 5 minutes of dialogue. It's what happens when a regular guy puts on airs for a snotty girlfriend. On a side note, Queen Latifah's mom has a role and Eves role is more or a cameo. this one is at some points. One of the most terrible movies I have ever seen, Not the worst comedy of the year but still not worth watching, yet another not well thought out African American film. They should have been ASHAMED to be in this foolish flick! However, his urban roots are soon replanted and a new, better, And 1 mix tape Danny Glover is born. I … Apparently our main character (played by some guy) dreads the visit of his childhood friend Becky, but when it turns out she's grown up to be hot (well, actually she's grown up to be rapper Eve, but close enough) he marries her. Charlie Murphy co-stars in the film as Coach Ashmokeem, the brother of Bling Bling (Rule). I'd Watch a Piece of Crap before I'd Watch this Again. He even meets Garden Ridge's local security guard (Queen Latifah). The rest of the principal cast consists of Freeze Luv, Faizon Love, Big Boi, Jalen Rose, Michael K. Williams, Fat Joe, Jay Pharaoh, Vivica A.

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