With pickaxe in hand, he’s emerged from the ground and appears ready to give you the business. jwplayer('jwplayer_2rMfqMm4_scyvyYe0_5b3745df32_dex_div').setup( Comprised of lightweight cotton and designed for a classic fit, the t-shirt can be purchased in sizes for men, women, and children. The 11-ounce mug features many of the various neighbors that you’ll encounter within the game’s world. Slider, Brewster, Stitches, Mr. Resetti, and more. One of the best things about Animal Crossing is that it serves as a delightful escape from the stresses of reality. Find news and guides for New Horizons at Animal Crossing has been one of Nintendo’s most beloved franchises for years now. Nintendo might say that one of the goals of Animal Crossing is to be social with all the jubilant neighbors that run around your town. The logo itself is available in both green and yellow varieties. And Cafe Press even offers a 100% money-back guarantee should you be unhappy for whatever reason. This 8-inch pink plush is awesome in her own right though. Whether you're shopping for yourself, a friend, or a family member, you're sure to find something awesome to express passion for the series. And that’s hard to argue when you take a gander at this gorgeous Animal Crossing K.K. And he’s primarily been seen galivanting about with his iconic red Number 1 t-shirt on. There’s even a 100% money-back guarantee and free returns should you need to send it back. They portray K.K. K.K. Wearing his employee uniform, the Timmy plush is super cute and soft to the touch. The game has a bunch of new features over prior iterations in the series. Discord | And from that relationship came a plethora of hilarious memes and genre-crossing merchandise. Her favorite song is K.K. Those wanting to rock some Animal Crossing merch in the winter months can’t go wrong with this Brewster’s Beanie. Villagers love wearing clothes you gift them. This Timmy Plush from Little Buddy puts the adorable character into a 5.5″ plush form. It’s available with logos in both green and yellow. And it’s comfortable and warm with its 8.5-ounce weight, a twill-taped neck, and an overall classic fit. She has appeared in every Animal Crossing game to date. ); In the kind of style you'd expect from our beloved Animal Crossing, you receive a nice little passive aggressive message when you attempt to gift a thing back to the villager who gifted it to you in the first place. And the game will support both local and online cooperative play as well. So order a few, cross your fingers, and hope you get lucky. Any Animal Crossing lover in need of a new iPhone case should check out this one themed around Brewster’s. They’re lightweight with a classic fit, consisting of 100% cotton in the majority of styles. The Animal Crossing line of amiibo figures is one of the most robust Nintendo has put out yet. And color options offered are black, navy, royal blue, dark Heather, and purple. Cyrus and Reese run the Re-Tail stores within the Animal Crossing series. And this Animal Crossing x DOOM Eternal T-Shirt is the perfect example. They’ll often gift you something in return if they like your present. It’s officially licensed and crafted with 100% cotton. And they’re so hilariously fantastic that I just ordered three pairs myself. And there’s a wide range of sizes spanning from unisex small through unisex 2XL. The shirt can be purchased in white, baby blue, silver, olive, and Heather grey. It houses 13.5 ounces of your drink of choice. Its cover is all black and adorned with the iconic Animal Crossing logo leaf. Slider atop cotton tee. But you really don’t need other options when you have something as awesome as this. It’s all white with the Starbucks inspired Brewster’s Coffee logo at the center. Giving them furniture that costs over 10,000 Bells is a surefire way of raising the stat, and you’ll get even more if it’s gift-wrapped. The hat is officially licensed by Nintendo. Slider blows you away with his tunes, you’ll want to grab some swag to prove you were there. The same can’t be said for other items like clothing, though – this is where you need to be a bit more specific in what you hand out. And for some folks, they just want them bells. All villagers and their favorite clothes styles and colors can be found below: Published: 8/Aug/2020 1:00 And because it’s nice and soft, you can certainly snuggle up with it while it’s not proudly on display. Its double layer design is comprised of high-quality stainless steel and food-grade ABS for upmost integrity. Its design sports Tom Nook at the center, with icons for a home, items, trees, and fruit surrounding him. The best GIFs are on GIPHY. Nintendo. It holds 11-ounces of hot or cold liquids while proudly displaying your love for the game series and its financier, Tom Nook. And even cooler is the fact that the pendant will glow a brilliant green while in the dark. Got a barren wall that needs some sprucing up? Tom Nook took that philosophy and ran with it. So you can’t go wrong with either adding him to your Animal Crossing collection or making him a cuddle buddy. You’ll never know which one you’re getting though. And it’s really just all-around awesome for all Animal Crossing fans. Elegant – Fancy-looking apparel such as the tiara, butterfly shades, and tailcoat. Fans of the series can easily step up their cooking game attire with this Animal Crossing Adjustable Cooking Apron. This 8-inch Tom Nook Plush is likely far more safe to have around than his digital counterpart. And the surfaces are easy to clean with any damp cloth. And this Resetti Save & Quit T-Shirt is a perfect tribute to him. Are you riding? His monotonous lectures aside, the character is a fan favorite amongst all of the series’ characters. This 8-inch Isabelle plush brings this cute and charming character into your home. The hat features a low sitting brim with a sweatband to keep your perspiration from running down on hot and humid days. The microfleece is incredibly soft to the touch and keeps you warm during cooler times. So make sure you talk to them as much as you can to lay the foundations for a blossoming connection. This Animal Crossing Glow in the Dark Pendant Necklace is a beautiful yet subtle piece of jewelry that any fan of the series will love. Those familiar with the series know that in each iteration, Mr. Nook finds some way to ensure that you’re indebted to him for an astonishing amount of bells. It’s lightweight and perfectly crafted to fit in your vehicle’s cup holder. This Important Mayor Stuff T-Shirt takes the spirit of that role and incorporates it as some cool Animal Crossing merch. The Animal Crossing Important Mayor Stuff Hoodie perfectly imbibes the emotions of Animal Crossing: New Leaf fans. And the case is comprised of lightweight yet hard plastic that you can easily snap onto your phone to protect its back and edges from drops and scratches. intellectual property associated with Animal Crossing. Consisting of mugs, t-shirts, plushes, socks, clocks, and more, our Best Animal Crossing Gifts list has all the Animal Crossing merch options you’ll need for you or a fellow fan of this fantastic Nintendo franchise. The design sees Tom Nook at the center, with icons for a home, items, trees, and fruit surrounding him. The Animal Crossing: New Horizons iPhone Case is designed to keep the fan’s phones safe from harm. Slider, casually strumming away on his guitar. And now, with Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you can create a brand new island getaway on the Nintendo Switch. Brewster’s The Roost coffee bar is very much like the Starbucks of the Animal Crossing world. There’s no better place in the world of Animal Crossing to get a cup of coffee than good ole Brewster’s. Our list is loaded with plushes, decorations, mugs, t-shirts, and plenty more. This Animal Crossing Icon Grid Portraits T-Shirt certainly has a bit of an Andy Warhol feel to it, doesn’t it? Yet it was one that was respected by each half. If you’re looking for an Animal Crossing mug to settle in with on a Sunday morning while shopping for turnips, you can’t go wrong here. Fans have reimagined things from Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away to Avatar: The Last Airbender using the game’s new feature. So it’s only right that you keep the two together at all times. If you’re planning on picking up a copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons for Nintendo Switch, then you may as well pick up the New Horizons Official Companion Guide to aid you with all of the tips and tricks. It was a relationship that seemed highly unlikely given the drastic differences in the projects. It takes the franchise’s leaf logo and uses it as the basis for a gorgeous green pendant. A talented creator made The Simpsons intro in Animal Crossing. The set comes with 4 round coasters all of one color – either green or yellow. Updated: 3/Sep/2020 14:22. if(typeof(jQuery)=="function"){(function($){$.fn.fitVids=function(){}})(jQuery)}; And Tom Nook with Timmy and Tommy can be seen on an island awaiting your arrival (and bells). Slider Live Show Poster T-Shirt is here for fans of all ages. It’s super cute as it features tons of face icons for your favorite in-game neighbors and special characters.

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