That's not the case anymore. In 1968, he became a national sensation. "PISTOL," it reads. Probably because my expectation of myself is so high. Success! "Those guys [on Maravich's team] are not on his level. In his first year, Press told me the team was so bad "even the pompom girls quit." I guess I'm like him in that respect.". Except this is Jaeson Maravich, his 6-foot-5-inch son, with the clear genes of the father and of a mind to emulate him as much as he can. each of his two baskets has received standing ovations in the arena The 20-year-old guard has played in four games this season, and Maravich's son isn't. That last name didn't seem so big back in 1967, when, as the Associated Press correspondent in Baton Rouge I caught the tail end of an LSU freshman game. lane or zipping a pass to a teammate, Maravich makes his opponents that bears his father's name. everything with him.". The dude is just pumping up / supporting his brother. scoring 19.4 points per game. Please log in, or sign up for a new account and purchase a subscription to continue reading. Jaeson Maravich wasn't always comfortable being known as the son Please log in, or sign up for a new account to continue reading. the NAIA school in Hattiesburg to Maravich. "I felt two of Jaeson or Josh, don't bother. If he went to another NCAA The pressure for him to be his dad was too much. "I was extremely tight with him. guard halfway through this season. for 365 days, $15.00 Please support our site. Whether he is darting to the hoop, putting up a runner in the $79.20 No one was harder on himself than my dad was. "I was too young to understand just how great he was. only white kids complain about not having a father to help them get to the NBA... AR is in the league. When Jaeson went onto the basketball court Jan. 5, 2003, against Athens (Ala.) State University, he didn't tell his coach or his family that he was dedicating his game that night to a dad who had died 16 years earlier. People hounded him in the 7th grade. until later on I realized what he did for basketball and how great Jaeson Maravich said. SUBSCRIBE NOW! "I know what I can do. When Joshua fell down a 16-foot air vent in the country house, Pete climbed into the hospital bed with his son, held him for 36 hours and prayed. I became aware that this scrawny 6-5 kid with the floppy socks and floppy hair was putting on a basketball clinic, dribbling between his legs, passing behind his back, scoring effortlessly. It hit the bottom of the net. Thank you for reading! Here, things clicked for Jaeson. Pete Maravich’s instructions are only on videotape now, his encouragements in memory. More often than Eight new COVID-19 cases reported in Coos County, Waiver expands SNAP benefits in 23 counties, includes hot or prepared foods, Coos Bay plans work on Coos River Highway on Oct. 30, Free food box deliveries continue each Thursday. A Sports Illustrated writer watched in awe next to me. At LSU he averaged 44.2 points a game, scoring 3,667 points in three years, and that was long before the three-point shot. attention, but being known as Pistol Pete's kid is no longer a He must have done this 30 or 40 times. familiar. When play stops, he slaps his hands in disappointment and simulates another shot. We hope that you continue to enjoy our free content. He wears one of the numbers his dad wore in the pros: 44. and respect my father here," Josh Maravich said. re: Pete Maravich's son disses Austin Rivers Posted by Hulk Hogan on 2/13/14 at 11:03 am to saintsfan22 Jaeson was really good, I witness him play first … Some called him a ball hog, and to some extent that is true, but he hit 48 percent of his shots in college. even pushed the quiet 23-year-old player away from the game at one FALL SPECIAL!!! Pete Maravich was the greatest scorer college basketball has ever seen. not, though, it goes in. His shots were falling. He hits 75 percent from the line and is I just looked at him as my dad. "The doctors said it was a miracle that Joshua didn't lose his eye," he says. "I left a spot here for my number in case I make it in the pros," he said. J.B. Pritzker gives a coronavirus update, After Twitter outcry, 5 women detail Chris D’Elia’s alleged sexual improprieties. That made headlines and no shortage of consternation at LSU. lineage, his younger brother, Josh, has immersed himself in it. coach Steve Knight said after Maravich scored 23 points in a recent You have permission to edit this article. "People started comparing me to my dad and at that young age I The Crusaders play an Being compared to the incomparable Hall of Famer Sorry, no promotional deals were found matching that code. 44.2 points per game. for 365 days, $153.60 With Maravich in the lineup, William Carey has improved to 9-10, even though he suffered a thigh contusion that caused Knight to rest him in a victory over Loyola of New Orleans. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to get the latest updates on LSU Football and Recruiting. "It's in their blood," said Pete's widow, Jackie McLachlan, who has remarried and was in the stands at Hattiesburg watching Jaeson. NOTE: To claim your access to the site, you will need to enter the Last Name and First Name that is tied to your subscription in this format: SMITH, JOHN. It's exciting [to watch them play]. If you need help with exactly how your specific name needs be entered, please email us at or call us at 1-541 266 6047. Jaeson, a senior who was a third-team NAIA All-American last year, said he needs to add weight and improve his defense to improve his chances of getting a look from the NBA. "Rick Barry, Isiah (Thomas), Magic (Johnson), William Carey's coach, Steve Knight, who has built his offense around Jaeson, believes he can make it if he can improve his defense and avoid injury. Now the question is how much longer the Maravich basketball drama has to play. It wasn't University of Alabama, a junior college in Mississippi and McNeese Six months after the mishap, no trace of the injury remains. Nobody can live up to that. His NBA career included a scoring title with the New Orleans And in the game, it was soon clear why. He said he always wanted to attend LSU for the academics and joined the team as a walk-on "because I kind of wanted to give respect to my dad." He was shy around reporters at the time, though this would change when he became a pro star, first in Atlanta, then New Orleans, Utah and finally Boston. Maravich, one of two sons of Hall of Famer and college basketball deity "Pistol" Pete Maravich, is trying to make his own way to the NBA by honoring the memory of his late father while developing his own game. - The lanky point guard for tiny William Carey Josh appeared in two games last year, scoring four points, but is unsure whether he will play anymore this season. Josh Maravich, 21, plays in an arena bearing his father's name.

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