Jersey Recommendation: #17 Kehoe. These are the jerseys that introduced the hockey world to Vegas gold, one of the more brilliant moves in the branding of the Pittsburgh Penguins, giving them their own unique and recognizable colour scheme. It might actually be the least innovate of their jerseys (aside from using the baby-blue), but that was (and still is) a fairly unique innovation on its own, so having the jersey follow more traditional aesthetics creates a great mixture of tradition and innovation. By Pens 10/13/2020, 2:30pm EDT. For all their pitfalls and missteps, the Penguins have at least tried to push the envelope when it comes to jersey design, and this jersey isn't much different. Probably, but hey, I like it. It also forced the Penguins into a black jersey, which is something we've already discussed about how black jerseys don't work well in hockey, on a clean white ice surface. Andy Bathgate was a popular (and elite) player for the Rangers and was one of the first professional players to don a Penguins jersey. Another option? Here's how this works: I'll count down, from worst to first, all the jerseys the Penguins have ever worn. This entry needs to be slightly prefaced by the fact that, in the four seasons between 1973 and 1977, the Penguins actually wore three different jerseys. I will also be … The 1973–74 jerseys (pictured above) are the best of the bunch, with consistent striping and laces. He looks at them all and counts 'em down from what he thinks is the worst to the best on a franchise's history. Top Rated National®Online Sports Jerseys Store. I’m also a fan of angled stripes that all the Stadium Series are using along the bottom of the jerseys. Apparently, they just decided they liked that blue. This jersey is what anyone thinks of when they think of Mario Lemieux playing. Get it in white, without the wig. Few teams have ever been able to get really innovative with their jerseys, but Pittsburgh has been doing it for years over their history, with some instances working better than others. But otherwise, the jersey is a bit of an odd mixture with the Penguins moving from one era to another, making for an awkward and generally bad viewing experience. Black T-Shirt (Sm-5X), Helly Hansen Mens F2F Cotton Hoodie Sweat Shirt, Pittsburgh Football Fans. The original rounded numbers are brought back as well, which is still relatively unused in the league at all, giving the jersey a little more mystique. Personally, I love it. The Pittsburgh Penguins’ jersey logo has been altered several times over the years as well. Black and Gold 'Till I'm Dead and Cold. Get it in the 1975–77 white jerseys (which has no names on the back). As the NHL rolls out all the different novelty games, the Penguins are almost always invited in order to showcase the game's current biggest star, Sidney Crosby. Although it's a more monochromatic gold that the bright yellow they used in the '90s, it's all their own, and when building a team's identity, that can be more important. #3. And for a new team trying to build an identity with a city, it's a bit crazy to not show their logo at all. Which random Penguin are you super fond of? Jersey Recommendation: #93 Nedved. [Ed. slanted numbers! For the Pens, it works more in their favour since their logo comes to a point at the bottom. Probably, especially the black jerseys, but there's such a great balance happening with these, it would be tough to complain too much about it. It was also a major change after having just won the Stanley Cup in 1992, which is generally odd since hockey teams and players are generally a superstitious bunch and don't like messing with things like that. So why are they all lumped together? However, the team's fortunes improved with the arrival of future Hall of Famer (and future team owner) Mario Lemieux, as well as other stars like defenceman Paul Coffey and goaltender Tom Barrasso. It just becomes too cluttered and awkward-looking on the chest with that many letters, especially when mixed with so many stripes. But like I said, the NHL is setting restrictions on these jerseys, and these ones are miles ahead of what Anaheim or Los Angeles came up with. These are the only four years that they used a rich sky-blue colour, which is an odd choice of blue to use, as it's not an icy baby-blue and didn't really have any visual connection to anything else the Penguins wore. Mostly because they're more iconic and have raised a couple Stanley Cups. Here, a lot of Penguins' jersey design experimentation comes full force, with angled striping on the sleeves, with the shoulder yoke merging with the base and the sleeves getting their own colour, and of course, using a jersey that's not white at all, which was relatively rare and unheard of at the time. They can rock the angled striping all the want because it just makes sense for the team. SIDNEY CROSBY Pittsburgh Penguins jersey CCM Mens Small Black vegas gold S mic. Should it take the place of the current logo? All our Pittsburgh Penguins hockey jerseys are historically accurate and carefully manufactured to ensure the best possible quality. This is also the first Penguins jersey to introduce the full sleeve colourings, where the colours of the shoulder yokes and main part of the jersey are fully connected and the sleeves are different. placing it as the 6th best logo in the league, protested against the Penguins adopting it, Not too dissimilar from the blue of pure meth actually, You can buy this poster buy clicking here, Pensburgh Top 25 Under 25: #19 Jonathan Gruden. At least the rest of the striping is consistently inconsistent with the white jerseys. Or how about a custom Penguins jersey with your name and preferred number? He also led the team in scoring in their inaugural season. Get it in the golds, obviously. We are also confident that we will be able to play a full season of games this year in the time allotted. It's an exciting jersey that has a lot of things going for it (and one that I'd love to own myself), but the missteps drop it down the list. Homes and aways will be lumped into the same category (so, more of a jersey "era") and I won't worry about small changes (like slightly changed positions of piping for example). And then the thin stripe on the sides of the backs of the jerseys (black on the black jerseys, white on the whites) separating the two chunks of colour just don't fit at all. As much as it was a fad, the Penguins were the only ones that legitimately had a case to use it. Some people have a preference for the old Pittsburgh Penguins blue jerseys with the old logo, while others like the modern NHL Penguins jersey. 2005–06 was also the only season that Lemieux and Sidney Crosby played together, and the best jersey the Penguins wore should have the two of the best players to ever play the game on them. An issue smaller than a baby penguin (but not as cute). The Penguins' journey in the NHL began in 1967, when they joined the League as an expansion team. The pattern of stripes along the collar is consistent with the yoke, but is a bit thinner by necessity, so it works great. Jersey Recommendation: #18 Neal. Like other young defenders joining Almari on this list, the Penguins will be counting on him to help restock a shallow prospect pool on the blue line.

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