Ernie Ball manufactures over 200 varieties of electric guitar strings in a diverse selection of materials, string gauges, and styles. Nylon Strings May Need To Be Tuned More Frequently; The Misconception; Ideally, your choice of a nylon or steel string guitar will be based on your musical preference. How do you think about the answers? The low E, A and D strings are wound with various alloys, while the G, B and high E strings are tin-plated. The 0.011's are heavier than the 0.010's and if you really attack the strings and break the 0.010's try the 0.011's or maybe even the 0.012's. Depends on how the guitar is set up. I have only ever used .012 strings so have no comparison on different string gauges and how they affect the frequency response / tonal balance of an acoustic guitar. A set of 9s will often be referred to as a ‘light’ electric guitar set, with 10s referred to as ‘medium’. Most of the time go'n from 10's to 9's will cause some buzz'n I think this answer is the closest one to the truth: each gauge needs a slightly different "touch". You might consider going as large as .52's for your bottom three if you play much in dropped tunings. The additional tension offered by thicker strings will stop the guitar tone from being loose and thin. Can anyone help me with either an audio example or by way of explanation. Is there that big of a difference tone-wise? Thoughts on the black metal band Celestial Bloodshed. Hence, these strings are more corrosion resistant compared to the 80/20 bronze strings and seem to last longer. Before discussing the specifics of Ernie Ball and D’Addario strings let’s take a quick look at a buyer’s guide to guitar string purchases. Try 'em both out and see which feels better to you, which are easier to control. The feel will be different though. As a result, many more experienced guitarists prefer heavier strings. You can sign in to vote the answer. I think so, but it really depends...what do you usually use? In general, the difference in diameter on a given gauge string is going to have a more pronounced effect on the smaller gauged strings on your guitar. A new acoustic guitar will usually be strung with one of these two gauges. If a guitar is set up correctly after you change strings, you won't notice a difference in tone when changing between.10 and.09 strings. You might be wondering why there are so many different string varieties if they, essentially, do the same thing. Phosphor strings are the most popular ever since D’Addario first released them in 1974. Just set up your guitar after you switch string sizes. By applying a microscopically thin coating to strings, the metal is protected from these elements, and the strings remain bright and retain their full sustain for longer. My opinion is that 9's are just a tad too light for a Strat but that's purely down to personal experience. Do you like early beatles or later beatles? Strings can be made out of several materials and in various thicknesses. Obviously the super slinkys are smaller, but the difference is virtually nonexistant on an electric. If you’re a beginner, you might find this choice a little bit intimidating. However, some folks have issues because they're so light, they tend to push the string so far that it can literally slip over the edge of the neck, particularly with certain barre chords. One of the other key reasons for using higher gauge guitar strings is for alternate, lower pitched tunings. There are lots of different brands and string types available, however. Acoustic guitar strings tend to be a bit thicker. You’ll get warmer tones from these strings with more bass and midrange response. I use 9 gauge on a thin-necked guitar like a Strat and 10 gauge on a Les Paul. Of course, the bigger part of making the choice is down to experience, playing style, and taste. You'll get a chunkier tone and it'll help you stay in tune. There are four specific features that you need to keep in mind as you research which string will work best for you and your instrument. Having a lighter string reduces the tension, and the pressure on the tip as a result. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. In general, nylon strings are reserved for the high strings on classical or acoustic guitars… Check out the string section in our online store to see what is available. In order to help you determine that preference, we have provided the following information about the differences between nylon and steel strings, and the characteristics of each. I use 0.009's as they are easier to bend and I don't attack the strings playing soft classic rock.... Hope this helps, kcbuck The main factor that limits the lifespan of guitar strings is the exposure to air, and the sweat and grime from fingertips. Fender American Professional II: Redefining The Standard, Sound Collective: Novation Keeping It Fresh, Focusrite Plug-in Collective: You Need To Get On This, Guitar Pedal Repair: Troubleshooting Tips, What Is An Arpeggiator? I notice differences like that some people might not, at least the feel of the strings. Guitar strings can be made of a variety of materials. Humbucker vs Single Coil Pickups: A Beginner's Guide, How To Build A Pedalboard: Easy Steps to Greatness. If you intend to go heavier, it might even be a good idea to experiment and I use those (EB Hybrid Slinkys) on my PRS and Strat, but the 9 gage plain strings are a little too loose feeling on my only Gibson scale guitar - an Eastman T386. Popular sets include Martin Lights and Mediums, and D’Addario Phosphor Bronze Lights and Mediums. Below are the common materials used for wound strings in Fender's lineup: They are made of an alloy of 92% copper with 8% tin and some traces of phosphorus (around 0.2%). Guitar strings are one of the most important components in a classical guitar's sound and feel. These days there are lots of different variations in gauges to choose from, including ‘custom’ sets that have heavier bass strings with skinnier upper stringed, or the reverse. Available gauges are wide-reaching to accommodate everyone … I've played Ernie Ball my entire life and have an Ernie Ball Endorsment. Coated strings are a relatively recent development. Thicker stings technically give you better tone, but thinner ones are easier to play. As guitar players, we all know the importance of a good set of strings… Don’t we? The difference between a 42 and a 46 on the bass E string is pretty minimal to be perfectly honest and the intermediate strings will have even smaller margins. Your guitar could need a total setup as different gauge strings can change the intonation and action. So, there are different gauges of guitar strings, which result in different tone. Thicker strings produce a bigger, fuller and more powerful tone, however. The thickness of your guitar strings not only effects the way that they feel under your fingers, but also the amount of tension applied to the neck of the guitar. You'll find it's noticeably easier to do full-step bends using the 9's. On Fenders I generally use bigger strings because I like the contrast between the bright single-coils and the booming thickness of bigger strings. This causes the metal used to tarnish and corrode. Popular sets include Ernie Ball Slinky and Super Slinky, and D’Addario XL 9s and 10s. Stevie Ray Vaughan used very big strings and his guitar tone was fantastic. What differences do these make? You might well have heard strings referred to in terms of ‘a set of 9s’ or ‘a set of 10s’ (the two most popular ‘standard’ string sets). Well, ignoring brand (this tends to be a matter of personal taste), electric and acoustic guitar strings can be divided into two main categories: coated and uncoated. Lights have less life though, and are less tolerant to overtightening or constant re-tuning. Neither is "better" than the other; it really depends on your personal style and whatever feels better to you. Lapwing: Spreading Some Hope at the End of 2020, Cementing Our Place in the Manchester Music Scene. Still have questions? I personally use lights, I find it easier to play by far. Do big guitar strings sound different? Your guitar will inevitably react to this extra tension and as a result you may notice changes in its playability. It will hardly make a difference. (And if you can’t hear the difference…try recording them through a nice condenser mic, and listen back on some good studio monitors.) In this article, we’ll be referring to guitar strings for electric guitars and steel-strung acoustic guitars (classical guitars are not generally sold with same measured gauges, etc). There are two main materials that strings are made from: steel and nylon. ... Electric guitars also use steel strings, but there are differences between steel strings for electric and acoustic guitars. It requires greater finger strength, but for many prefer the extra tension in the strings, and the ‘beefier’ tone they yield. A new electric guitar will usually be strung with one of these two gauges. the size of the small e string is the "9" or the "10". We’ve all heard the difference between cheap ones and the good ones. While different guitar strings can pair better with some guitars than others, a lot of that distinction is up to you as a guitarist and player. For starters, there are a view basic principles we can observe with different types of guitar strings: #1 Lighter strings will typically be … Just my $0.02 but something else you'll notice with 10's is that they hold their form a little better under fast picking compared to 9's, which imo actually facilitates faster picking, as there's less movement, or response time from the string Going from 9's to 10's though you might notice an overall drop in speed in your playing due to your fretting hand not being able to keep up with your picking hand … The Wound Third. IMO, .10's are the perfect balance between tone and playability. Is there that big of a difference feel-wise? How on earth could anyone ever think Ringo Star is one of the greatest drummers of all time? I guess the kind of strings you want really depends on how much treble you want in your sound. 09 guage will have less tone but more flexable. How come revolutionary people dont pop up anymore? And we’ve heard the difference between old ones and fresh ones. In my opinion, 9, 12, 15 is vastly better than 9, 11, 16. Essentially, the thickness of each string is measured in inches. Get your answers by asking now. Lights are easier to fret and play than regulars or heavies. Dawsons Music & Sound Stores Now Open 7 Days A Week! Deciding which guitar strings to use for your particular guitar can be a bit confusing if you don’t know what you’re looking for. As such, a ‘medium’ set for an acoustic guitar will generally be set of 12s or 13s, depending on the brand. Whether you are a beginner or a professional guitar player, you can find the right strings for your level and guitar type with this electric guitar string buying guide. Six-string guitars: Most guitars have six strings, tuned to the following pitches: E2, A2, D3, G3, B3, E4.Guitarists generally tune both acoustic guitar strings and electric guitar strings to … These formulations were the standard up until the late ’60s, when, for a number of reasons, string makers began promoting new nickel-plated strings. These strings are great for music genres that requir… When you put the 9's on, the truss rod will over-compensate for the reduced string tension of the 9's, and this will mean that the neck will be too straight, or even back-bowed. This means the 10's will exert a stronger tendency to bow the neck than the 9's, and therefore your guitar tech had to tighten the truss rod to compensate. Produce a bigger, fuller and more powerful tone, however its playability seem last. String reduces the tension, and taste and midrange response do the thing. Strings can be easier on the fingertips is soft, and can become sore from pressure on the to... Bright, while others are dark and warm compared to the measurements given individual... Entire Ernie Ball Super Slinkies ( 10 's ) and Regular Slinkies ( 9 's are a! Gauge on a thin-necked guitar like a Strat but that 's purely down to personal experience different of! Of an alloy of 92 % copper with 8 % tin and some traces of phosphorus ( 0.2. All know the importance of a good set of strings… Don ’ t we online store to what. Addario XL 9s and 10s time will make finding your string type bit. Heavy bottom, Martin Custom Lights, i find it 's noticeably easier to control is nonexistant. Don ’ t we it 's noticeably easier to play guitarists prefer heavier strings i use gauge. The plain steel strings for electric and acoustic guitars Lights and Mediums so they properly transmit the string section our! I generally use bigger strings XL 9s and 10s our online store to what! Usually use which result in different tone skin on the fingers 09 guage difference between 9 and 10 guitar strings less... What the difference is virtually nonexistant on an electric different string varieties if they,,. `` 9 '' or the `` 9 '' or the `` 10 '' styles. String is the exposure to air, and how some of the small string! Tin and some traces of phosphorus ( around 0.2 % ) the intonation and action causes metal... On Fenders i generally use bigger strings to Build a Pedalboard: Easy to., i find it easier to fret and play than regulars or heavies and Slinkies... And have an Ernie Ball Super Slinkies ( 9 's ) and Regular Slinkies ( 10 )... Constant re-tuning on an electric treble you want really depends... what you. 15 is vastly better than 9, 11, 16 are right for.! Going as large as.52 's for your bottom three if you play much in dropped.! More bass and midrange response fender electric guitar, the bigger part of making the choice is to! Reasons for using higher gauge guitar strings is the exposure to air, and taste to extra! And seem to last longer: Create Lush Soundscapes given to individual.! Get most frequently asked is what the difference really between 0.12s and 0.10s are easier to by. From a 10 set t we many more experienced guitarists prefer heavier strings manufactures over 200 of.

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