The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. MaiN use maaf kar doongaa agar vah jor se nahee chillaataa hai. Glittering white, the blanket of snow covered everything in sight. The giant tree was ablaze with the orange, red, and yellow leaves that were beginning to make their descent to the ground. Agar maiN tumhaaree jagah hotaa to use thappaD maar detaa. I can go on tour to Bhopal provided I get a confirmed rail ticket. Existing only in the imagination; fanciful; unreal. The Chocolate War is a beloved young adult novel by Robert Cornier reputed for its extensive use of imagery. We travel with him through this extreme scene, from his dangling out a window to his joy in pleasing his family members. In this example from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Neville is describing the first time he performed magic. Yadi maiN usakee jagah hotaa to chor ke hosh Thikaane lagaa detaa. […] I was – able to pick them up at a bargain price. She will not quit the job until her family forces her. An imagery sentence includes imagery that is visual, auditory, thermal, tactile, gustatory, olfactory or kinesthetic. In case you need my help, please inform my brother. The lake was left shivering by the touch of morning wind. The imagery talks about the "small, soggy, icy garment" and paints a picture of a damp and chilly feeling. Your father might recall his major win at the poker tables in Vegas many years ago. Neha will stand there until Avyan eats the whole chapati. Of course, imagery abounds in everyday life too. : Jab ek vaakya meiN aisee do kalpanaaye aa jaaye jo lagbhag asambhav ho to unheN nimn teen prakaar se banaayaa jaa sakataa hai. The F-16 swooped down like an eagle after its prey. If I were a sparrow, I would have reached my mother immediately. Asambhav kalpanaa waale vaakya ko Rule number One se banaate hai. All Rights Reserved. Existing only in the imagination. Suppose you are transferred to Srinagar what can you do? Coming at someone sideways? 3. The curve does not appear to intersect the conjugate axis, but the introduction of imaginaries permits us to regard it as cutting this axis in two unreal points. In the battle of imaginary bad men, the hostilities between Satan and Santa are more or less an anagrammatical draw. Another example of imagery would be, "There are wheels within wheels in this village, and fires within fires" found in Act One of Arthur Miller's "The Crucible," which is imagery about the devil and hell. Imaginaries sentence examples His constructions are based on the idea that the imaginaries d - 1 represent a unit line, and its reverse, perpendicular to the line on which the real units 1 are measured. Festival of Sacrifice: The Past and Present of the Islamic Holiday of Eid al-Adha. MaiN Bhopal tour par jaa sakataa hoon shart yah hai kee mujhe pakkee rail ticket mil jaaye.. Whether you like hip-hop, pop, rock and roll, country, or soul, music is as good a place as ever to find samples of imagery. Ise samay ke sandarbh meiN prayog kiyaa jaataa hai. Yadi maiN tumhaaree maa hotee to tumhaare janamdivas par maiN tumhe car khareed kar detee. Pip, the hero of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, clearly paints a wet and soggy scene. Until is used for time reference and Unless is used for a condition. Ise kisee shart (condition) ke liye prayukt kiyaa jaataa hai. Tum is naukaree ke liye aavedan nahee kar sakate agar tumhaare pass peshewar degree naa ho. So, perhaps this love lost is enough to finish off the star-crossed lovers. Love him or hate him, Eminem is another master lyricist. It creates an experience in the reader's mind that helps them to understand where the character is coming from in literature. 'Provided' is used to express a condition for something. One verse goes like this: Always the bridesmaid, never "The bride, hey! Yadi tum kisee anajaan vyakti ko tumhaare ghar ke aaspaas dekho to balcony kee light jalaa denaa. Having existence only in the imagination; unreal. ), Had + Subject + Verb (3rd form) + Object + (,) + Subject + Would + Have + Verb (3rd form) + Remaining + (. I will give you reward, if you tell me the truth. Of or being the coefficient of the imaginary unit in a complex number. Tum ek khush jindagee nahee jee sakate jab tak tum usakaa saath nahee chhoDoge. Uses of Other Words to make Conditional Sentence. Agar maiN doctor hotaa to gareebo kaa muft meiN ilaaj kartaa. All we have to do is remove the purple ribbon that says Mother and we're in business.". 'Should' is used to express a difficult possibility. shouted Tommy, in an imperative manner, to the, It is such a look as might belong to that, I was not willing to believe that a young miss like her intended to resort to such a desperate remedy as suicide for any real or, She looked at these affectionate preparations indulgently, as she might have looked at a child who assured her that a wholly, Radwalader carefully entered the mark in an, Nationwide in a sentence | Short example sentence for nationwide, Austerity in a sentence | Short example sentence for austerity, Astrophysics in a sentence | Short example sentence for astrophysics, Bunches in a sentence | Short example sentence for bunches, Flogged in a sentence | Short example sentence for flogged, Left Behind in a sentence | Short example sentence for left behind, Carpenter in a sentence | Short example sentence for carpenter, Lavender in a sentence | Short example sentence for lavender, Indignities in a sentence | Short example sentence for indignities, Masculine in a sentence | Short example sentence for masculine, Stranger in a sentence | Short example sentence for stranger, Encounters in a sentence | Short example sentence for encounters, Sinister in a sentence | Short example sentence for sinister, Revolves in a sentence | Short example sentence for revolves, Magical in a sentence | Short example sentence for magical, Wherein in a sentence | Short example sentence for wherein, Characters in a sentence | Short example sentence for characters, Narrative in a sentence | Short example sentence for narrative, Odd in a sentence | Short example sentence for odd, Creature in a sentence | Short example sentence for creature. I shall forgive him provided he does not shout loudly. Fact Check: What Power Does the President Really Have Over State Governors? Writing is a true talent because it doesn’t require a big screen to promote an image. Yadi vah hawaai jahaaj uDaanaa jaantaa to maiN pilot number one banataa. It’s pretty self explanatory, it’s things you imagine. My hero is a purely imaginary character. Not only was he soaked down to the bone, but he had to struggle through the fog that made things invisible for a time. Maan lo yah sher kaa khilona jindaa ho jaataa hai to kitane log maare jaayenge? Neha vahaaN khaDee rahegee jab tak Avyan pooree chapaatee nahee khaa letaa. Had I been in his place, I would have brought the thief to senses.

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