It was, simply, a watershed. "Wrecking Ball" is to Harris what the "American Recordings" were to the late Johnny Cash. Wrecking Ball seemed like a pivotal record in singer Emmylou Harris' history when it was released in 1995 and it is no less important now 20 years later. The fixed point remains Harris' voice, which leaps into each and every one of these diverse compositions -- culled from the pens of Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Steve Earle, and others -- with utter fearlessness, as if this were the album she'd been waiting her entire life to make. Loath it or adore it, "Wrecking Ball" is a landmark album in Emmylou Harris' luminous career. Two decades later, the powers that be decided to re-master and reissue Wrecking Ball. All Rights Reserved. Wrecking Ball is a leftfield masterpiece, the most wide-ranging, innovative, and daring record in a career built on such notions. With nothing to lose, she enlisted U2 producer Daniel Lanois and surrendered to what the tides of great songs sensitively—and evocatively—rendered could yield. And finally, Mid-Year Review, where I will review great albums released in this year so far. So, I might make some mistakes here. But rather than just creating a better sonic template to enjoy these delicate miniatures of life, doubt and desire, they pulled out alternate tracks and almost-made-it songs that are as lovely as what ended up as WB’s dozen tracks. On Wrecking Ball, she made the Neil Young title track a seduction, Steve Earle’s lost love “Goodbye” a silken prayer and Lucinda Williams’ suicide ache “Sweet Old World” the sort of benediction that balms the rancor of those left behind. Digging: Domestic Terminal - I Could See Midnight Sky, Bands: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z, Domestic Terminal - I Could See Midnight Sky. Album Rating: 5.0@Sunnyvale: It is brilliant, I am very surprised that I would love this album, even with all the alt-rock production to it. That was always Harris’ gift, that visceral nature, whether singing boys’ songs as if they were her own or embracing the less graceful moments like they were a choice. and sometimes I will get into indie rock(Built to Spill, Sleater-Kinney). No one knew when Harris gathered up an even more eclectic group of songs ranging from the unlikely—Jimi Hendrix (“May This Be Love”), Bob Dylan (“Every Grain of Sand”) and Lanois (“Where Will I Be?,” “Blackhawk”)—to more obvious candidates—Julie Miller (“All My Tears”), Gillian Welch (“Orphan Girl”) and Anna McGarrigle (“Goin’ Back To Harlan”)—that Wrecking Ball would come to be regarded as the moment of true artistic ascendance for the godmother of today’s Americana movement. Album Rating: 5.0Well, I have been into MANY artists, depending on my mood. Album Rating: 4.0Alt-country rules. Any constructive criticisms are welcomed, as always. Primal in its delivery, the bonus version shows the combustion of creation versus the polished tension of final recording. This genre-bending album proved that an established country artist could play with sounds and concepts outside of the mainstream without losing her artistic credibility.

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