The federal EAS allows participating providers to “send and receive emergency information quickly and automatically, even if their facilities are unattended.” The government understands the flow of information goes both ways. Too many organizations across every sector still rely on outdated emergency plans plans that have failed to consider the available technology to bring the related communication systems into the 21st century. It’s one thing to tell them every employee life matters; it’s another to be able to explain to them how they can get more return from their investment while protecting their employees. I mean, it would be safe to check if everyone knows the news or else…. This service does not only let you use text messages as an emergency alert channel but also provides you with other channels in case text messaging alert fails. A Versatile Emergency Text Alert System for Business. These modes of communication have changed over time and include newer technologies the government is building into their emergency plan. Let’s check them out. What differentiates our mass alert system from many others on the market is our software´s easy-to-use interface, superior data and contact management capabilities, and vast integration options. Request demos and free trials to get a real taste of what solutions are out there. There are a few key steps an organization should take to avoid tricky roadblocks that can slow implementation: 1. Mass Notification Alert Systems — Pennsylvania & Beyond. As one of the most regarded emergency management tools, text alerts for emergency purposes come with unique perks, and these are the reasons why businesses should include emergency text alert system in their emergency handling strategy. An executive order was issued by President Barack Obama in 2012 to assign National Security and Emergency Preparedness (NS/EP) communications functions. In the blog, I have listed the top 5 reasons why your business should have an emergency text alert system. #Reason 1: Quick Response Time. The Illusion of Safety: Why Your Organization’s Phone Tree is a Liability. Industry Solutions using Marketing Automation, SMS Marketing Software | Automated and Engaging Messages, can also be used for non-emergency purposes. Register for our Free Virtual Rave Summit (October 20th, 2020)! Some communication tools, such as SimplyCast’s SMS application, generate detailed reports about the open rate. An alert notification system can be integrated with internal HR systems to simplify the process of creating directories and custom lists. These tests are conducted so frequently, not only are the users familiar with the system, but most U.S. citizens are at least aware such a system exists. As with these government agencies, the teams may have alternative roles within the company but when it comes to emergencies, they immediately step into their positions. By extending the system’s functionality, the government is able to leverage existing technology instead of investing in additional technology, and provide this technology to other areas of the government. If your goal is to reach your audience quickly and reliably, you must take a multi-modal approach. The FCC sets out the EAS guidelines and the President determines when the EAS will be activated. Using an emergency text alert service, it is possible to track the actions taken by the recipients. SMSs are short, straight forward, and easy to read on a phone screen. © 2020 Alert Media, No mass alert system should require users to download a mass notification app. Show stakeholders how the system will impact the success of the emergency plan, as well as internal communications, event planning, and external communications. “Next Generation Network Priority” program. Organizations can designate teams to work together on your own emergency alert plan. Determine “what-if” scenarios based on whether you use the current system as is, upgrade it to include multi-modal functionality with reporting capabilities, or don’t use a system at all. According to, the average cost of sending texts is between $0.01 and $0.05 per text. Often, the people on the ground can provide eye-witness accounts and document it on video or in photos from their mobile devices. In some of the emergency scenarios, not everyone should have the same message. This means, if you are sending a mass alert to a contact list of 10,000 people, you are likely to be only charged between $100 or $500, depending on the types of messages and use of additional features. This website stores cookies on your computer. Over 66% of the world’s population can be reached via SMS. The FCC establishes specific procedures for those using the EAS to follow in the event it is activated. The order stipulates that the Secretary of Homeland Security will oversee the organization and management structure for NS/EP communications functions and these would include, among other things, the “Next Generation Network Priority” program. Every emergency plan needs to include a solid communications strategy that is capable of reaching every employee in harm’s way. Each of the abovementioned messages performed specific tasks: taking precaution, recommending activities, sending out protocol tasks, requesting updates from disaster victims, etc., which are the end goals of any emergency management system. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could check who opened the notification about roaming bears near the local office building? The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Weather Service (NWS), and the President each have different, yet equally critical roles in communicating alerts, warnings, and information to the public in the event of an emergency. The government stipulates in its EAS plan, “If one link in the system for spreading emergency alert information is broken, members of the public have multiple alternative sources of warning.” If there is a power outage in your organization, for instance, your alert system must have multi-channel delivery capabilities to ensure other modes will be successful in relaying the important information. There may be a perception that the new technology is out of reach for strained budgets, particularly for school districts. Let’s face it, budget is a vital factor especially when you are sending out an alert notification to a contact list containing a few thousand entries! Marketing Mini Myth: Do SMS Messages Engage? From 9/11 to Sandy Hook, from Hurricane Katrina to the tornadoes in Joplin, Missouri – it is clear why it is so important to have access to instant, real-time information through a range of channels.

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