The specimens were subjected to fire flame temperatures ranging from (25-750°C) at age of... Effect of stiffness modulus and dynamic loading on pavement subgrade. Author(s): Hedidor D. and Bondinuba F. K. Stability analysis of a reinforced sand beam. A.  and Jimoh, O. I. Abubaker M. Almaleeh, Stanley M. Shitote and Timothy Nyomboi, Qualitative analysis of fatigue crack behavior in welded connection using acoustic emission technique. Aristide Comlan Houngan, Christophe Awanto, Latif Fagbemi, Malahimi Anjorin and Antoine Vianou, Economic sustainability of green building practices in least developed countries. Compressive strength of various standard mortar samples have been tested at 7 and 28 days. High performance concrete is one of the most commonly used materials in non-standard building structures. In 2008, around one billion end-of-life tyres (ELTs) were being produced globally each year. Size effect, which is described here in as the decrease in shear strength with the increase in the depth of members, is not evaluated sufficiently enough. Author(s): The water-tightness and free expansions - contractions of trough, canal water load as well as traffic load on the trough involves complex load combinations, for which the superstructure and substructure of it is required to be planned and designed. Several models were developed in this regard; some of these are linear regression models and relate to rheological properties of asphalt binder. Study of physico-mechanical properties of concretes based on palm kernel shells originating from the locality of Haut Nkam in Cameroon. Author(s): Reliability assessment of progressive failure of a low rise framed building on weak CI Student Days 2021 Author(s): There are many human injuries induced by occupational accidents in construction industries. Arlington, Virginia. The first design example is based on a 4-story steel moment frame building with velocity dependent dampers; the second design example is based on the same building with displacement dependent dampers. This method of pouring concrete is very fast as compared to old method of using a carrying bucket. Author(s): Jonathan Sasah and Charles K. Kankam, Exploring concrete materials batching behaviour of artisans in Ghana’s informal construction sector. 583. In this research, ultrasonic pulse velocity (UPV) and crushing strength tests were carried out. Green Building Practices (GBPs) are gradually receiving worldwide recognition and uptake. Eng. Denver, Colorado, CI & CRC Joint Conference 2022 Three proposed models were calibrated using some of the data... Assessment of building construction defect causes in North Shoa zone, Ethiopia. The Nigerian infrastructure systems continue to deteriorate due to lack of integrity checks on some identified projects in both public and private sector. Author(s): Leolein Rostand Deffo Deffo, Raphael Ndisya Mutuku and Timothy Nyomboi, Study of brick mortar using sawdust as partial replacement for sand. Omer Nawaf Maaitah, Nafeth A. Abdel Hadi and Monther Abdelhadi, Code compliant behaviour of palm kernel shell reinforced concrete (RC) beams in shear. Performance of self-compacting concrete made with hydraulic lime as filler. In the present study, two types of additives and two types of microsilica have been used. Author(s): L. Acuña-Pinaud, P. Espinoza-Haro, I. Moromi-Nakata, A. Torre-Carrillo and F. García-Fernández, Strength performance of silicate limestone compressed Bricks. This study is based on the use of palm kernel shells as aggregate in the manufacture of concrete. A modified mortar of same design mix proportion (1:3) but varying water/cement ratio and constant slump of 74.3 mm to achieve higher workability was also evaluated. Building pounding philosophy is the collision of adjacent buildings when earthquake take place and buildings show lateral movement. A new averaging index known as AE intensity was used to analyze the fatigue crack initiation conditions in the specimen. An aqueduct structure is a complex structure as compared to bridge, as it takes canal water across stream and canal traffic over the trough. Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering recently published. Abbreviation: J. Civ. However, finite element (FE) techniques used for analysis of large displacement and deformation problems use the true stress-true strain of materials in its structural characterisation. Journal is concerned with the engineering behavior of earth materials and mining. The effect of burning by fire flame on the behavior and load carrying capacity of rectangular reinforced concrete (RC) rigid beams is addressed in this paper. Several materials such as tuff and Tripoli which is naturally occurring and industrial by-products wastes as high calcium ash and slag were investigated as cement substitutes in this paper. July 30–August 3, 2021 The final output of the concrete material is, however, affected by factors including the rock type and its attendant physio-mechanical properties. Nominate your fellow ASCE colleagues for one of 18 Effect of aggregates minerology on the strength of concrete: Case study of three selected quarry products in Ghana. If sufficiently high, the loading results in a loss of rigidity of the material and can, by accumulation in the long term, lead to failure. Author(s): The information provided should not be used as a substitute for professional services. Over 1,700 three-dimensional nonlinear finite element models with bridge lengths up to 365 m (1200 ft) were analyzed as part of this study. The binder property plays... Analytical model for predicting the full range true stress-true strain curve of high yield steel produced in Nigeria: Part 2. Major factors which affect the strength of concrete such as concrete mix, aggregate size, and water-cement ratio were considered such that the model obtained could be used for the determination of strength of concrete elements made under different conditions. This paper presents the results of a parametric study that focused on the effects of bridge length and span variations on the maximum stress intensity (stress concentration) in the piles of horizontally-curved steel I-girder integral abutment bridges. Abel Olajide Olorunnisola and Afeez Kolawole Asimiyu, Shear behaviour of palm kernel shell reinforced concrete beams without shear Reinforcement: Influence of beam depth and tension steel. Raheem, S. B., Oladiran, G. F., Olutoge, F. A. and Odewumi, T. O. 130. Author(s): Yirgalem Damtew and Abdulkadir Enday, A comparative study of sustainable end-of-life management in automobile and construction industry: A case of Kano City, Nigeria. Olorunfemi Lateef Onundi, Ketkukah, Titus Saul, Alkali, Abba Mohammed and Omenihu, Fidelis Chukwunenye, Variability of visible and near-infrared (vis-NIR) diffuse spectral reflectance of cement-based solidified/ stabilized pre-treated oil-based drill cuttings. Ehigiator, O. Hitendra Chandewar, Narendra Kanhe and Shailendra Rathore, Effect of fines mineralogy on the oedometric compressional behavior of sandy soils. Sylvester O. O. and Lukuman B. I. To get regular update and new article notification please subscribe us. The obtained results show that these materials have improved the properties Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) concrete. soil-foundation interaction. Therefore, this study was done in view of identification and analyzing factors related to frequency and severity of construction accidents and injuries in the big construction industries. The weak foundation was initially analysed and designed as a fixed column-foundation joint and later re-analysed and redesigned as a hinged column-foundation joint. Non Destructive Testing (NDT) of materials and structures is one of the most common forms of quality control. Construction Institute awards. Evaluation of raw water quality of Bosso Lake in North-Central Nigeria. Sustainable reuse of pre-treated drill cuttings (a hazardous waste) as part substitute for fine aggregate in concrete for construction purposes is becoming increasingly attractive; however, issues remain. Author(s): It is argued that facilities built according to the GBPs, called green buildings are not only environmentally friendly, but also, economically more productive than other comparable ordinary ones. Author(s): This current article explores the possibility of adding aggregate (10 mm size) to sandcrete mixes in order to enhance the strength of the sandcrete blocks. Perez P. Araka, Reuben N. Okparanma, Josiah M. Ayotamuno, Said Nawar and Abdul M. Mouazen, Enhancing the strength of sandcrete blocks using coarse aggregates. Author(s): 9026. These data were then incorporated to the model formulation, then a FOTRAN  program was developed to make predictions of roof blown-off possible.

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