The series includes 11 novels published by ASCII Media Works between September 2010 and March 2014, and incorporates romantic comedy and supernatural themes. Banri mistakes her for Oka-chan, but Koko doesn't mention it. Trois tomes spin-off sont également publiés entre juin 2012 et août 2013[3],[4],[5]. They both had to deal with him forgetting who she was which made her feel bad and made him feel guilty - she made the healthiest decision for both of them despite what they both wanted, as remaining together would've only ended up hurting them both … In the epilogue, it is revealed that it was 2-D Kun who tracked down Banri's address and hacked his e-mail to get Koko to chase after Banri. When he grabs his old self, the apparition says, "Leave me..." and falls., He also wears the same jacket he wore on the bridge the night of the accidents. ", "The Present is ending . Voiced By He ran away.". Banri spends a lot of time with Koko since she is always depressed whenever Mitsuo is not around (because he is trying to avoid her at all costs), out of pity and to satisfy his own loneliness. You can support aniSearch by entering new merchandise into our database, using our. Banri est un jeune garçon de 18 ans étudiant le droit dans une université privée de Tokyo. Here, countless versions of our past selves are always crying , laughing , falling in love , getting hurt , joking around , feeling happy and suffering . Anime For that reason, he missed the college entrance exam and one year of school because of his hospitalization. Mistuo reveals that he's actually running away from Kaga Koko, an old childhood friend who insists that they get married. Your IP: Hair Color English. Add Banri TADA as a favorite today! They both agree that keeping the secret of his amnesia and high school life from his friends is only getting worse, so they decide to invite everyone over to dinner and tell them all there. Banri is the protagonist of the series and is a college freshman studying law in a private university in Tokyo. Banri is a very kindhearted and benevolent person. In every sign, I’ll search for your voice. Banri's ghost leaves completely satisfied and tells Banri he'll see him later. Voiced By Anime-Planet is a site run by fans, for fans. When it breaks, Banri's memories of his university life return and he runs after Koko.

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